Duel of Ages II
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Full Series Collectors Set
Basic Set
Collectors Bundle (collectors item)
Signed Combat Card (collectors item)
The Spire Mystery, Book 1: Dusties
The Spire Mystery, Book 2: Devourers

Collectors Series

Full Series Collector

Out of Stock

NOTE: The remaining Master Sets are only available in this full series. We are nearly out of stock.

The Full Series contains both the Basic Set and Master Set, but it also comes with added content -- the signed Combat Card, and the Collectors Bundle...

...To ensure production perfection, we conducted a test manufacturing run of maps and keys. This test package is known as the Collectors Bundle, which contains:

-- Four unique maps not found in the Basic or Master Set: Oracle, Boggy Hollow, Grand Tunnel and Crags.

-- A second set of Team Bases and Lith's Lair, so that two games can be played using the one game set.

-- Three blank keys for your own adventure creations.

-- A wealth of blank markers to represent your own created characters and game variants.

The resulting supply of bundles are available only to those who purchase the full series through the Duel of Ages website or Worldspanner Amazon store.

Learn more about the different sets in the pdf What's In The Box?

Basic Set

Duel of Ages II Basic Set

$49.99 + $49.99 Shipping

The Basic Set is anything but basic, containing the complete series rulebook and all of the concepts of the game except Henchmen and multi-age terrain. So, for enjoying the full sweep of game, this is all you need. Its key content includes:

-- 48 Characters

-- 98 Treasures

-- 7 Map Platters

-- 12 Dome Keys

-- 12 Adventure Keys

Learn more about the different sets in the pdf What's In The Box?

Collectors Bundle

Duel of Ages II Collector's Bundle (Collectors Item)

$16.99 + $26.99 Shipping

IMPORTANT! LIMIT 1 per customer. If you wish to purchase more, contact Spitfireixa@gmail.com.

This is the Collector's Bundle available alone without purchase of the full Collector's Set.

We will be reserving most of the remaining Bundles for the remaining Master Sets, so this is first come first serve.

Collectors Bundle

Duel of Ages II signed Combat Card (Collectors Item)

$3.99 + $1.99 Shipping

IMPORTANT! LIMIT 2 per customer. If you wish to purchase more, contact Spitfireixa@gmail.com. Your card will be random (William Wallace or Jade) unless you wish to follow up your order with a specific request for one or the other by emailing spitfireixa@gmail.com.

The 4" x 9" Combat Card contains fully expanded art of a DoA II character (William Wallace or Jade) on the front, and a Combat victory track game aid on the back, as inspired by master players Johan Haglert and Damon Asher.