Ranged Attack

To use a ranged attack, a hero uses the Shoot action during the Action and Reaction steps. You get one shot with one ranged weapon.

Choose Weapon

Unless a hero is lucky enough to have a natural ranged attack (like Rizzik), they must have a Ranged card. You can use only one weapon.

Your weapon must be revealed to use it. Turn the card face-up if not yet revealed.

Choose Target and Space

During Action step

If you take the shot during your Action step, simply select your target.

If someone uses a Slip Away action on an enemy, any shots taken at that enemy afterward must target them in the new space, not the old one.

During Reaction step

During Reaction, you can shoot at a target in any space that the target moved into during their previous Action.

Because of this, when you move heroes, you must show the opponents exactly which spaces you are moving through. Move them space by space, don’t just zip them over to the end space.

You CANNOT shoot at a target in the space where they started their Action step.

This means you cannot shoot at a target that used the Shoot or Unleash actions, because they never moved out of their space.

A target that used the Slip Away action can be targeted in the space they switched into.

It is possible that a shooter is moved into a new space by the enemy switching places with them during their Action step. If that hero takes a shot during their Reaction, they fire from their new space, not the old space.

Target In Range █

Ranged Range.jpg

Ranged weapons have a minimum and maximum range. The target space must be this number of spaces (not move points) away.

This weapon has min range 2 and max range 5. It cannot fire at a target that is just 1 space away.

Target In Sight

See Line of Sight for more details.

Make a Hit Challenge ╨ or ╤ vs ╬

The ranged weapon card shows which of the hero’s ratings to use, in the upper left. In nearly all cases, this is Aim (╨) or Point (╤).

The target’s defense rating is Stealth (╬), modified by terrain.

Handle the Hit in the same way as a melee attack.

Make a Damage Challenge ╘ vs ╧

Handle the Damage challenge in the same way as a melee.

Line of Sight

Some terrain prevents you from seeing a target. Other terrain camouflages the target. To check this, eyeball a line from the little center dot in the attacker’s space to the dot of the target space. The line may touch terrain spaces and affect the shot.

Usually this line is obvious. In rare cases you may need a tool to trace the line. If there is an argument, Team White decides. If Team White decides in their favor, Team Black controls the decision-making from then on until they rule in their favor, and so on. You can check sight freely, and you never lose a shot by checking out a shot that is then found to be blocked.

On some cavern spaces, the “center” dot is not actually in the center.

The terrain of a space affects the entire space, not just where the image of the terrain is shown.

When drawing the line, ignore the terrain in the attacker’s space EXCEPT for Wall.

Heroes between the target and shooter have no effect on line of sight.

Line of Sight along an edge

The line of sight may pass along the edge between two spaces. In this case, the shooter chooses which one of the two spaces affects the shot.

Clear, Water, Deep Water

These spaces do not affect a shot.

LOS Clear.jpg

Woods, Swamp, Fire, Rough

These terrain types camouflage the target. For each of these spaces touched by the line of sight, including the target’s space but NOT the shooter’s, the target gains +2 Stealth (╬) against the shot.

LOS Woods.jpg


Building terrain conceals a target in the space, giving them a +2 Stealth bonus against the shot. Building blocks line of sight completely into spaces past it.

LOS Building.jpg


Dome blocks line of sight completely. Heroes inside a Dome cannot shoot out, and outsiders cannot shoot in.

LOS Dome.jpg


Unlike other terrain, the ACTUAL IMAGE of the black Wall areas blocks the line of sight if touched. This includes wall in the space of the shooter. Ignore the pink archway symbols for line of sight.

The edge of the map is considered Wall. Line of sight along that edge uses the normal edge rules above.

LOS Wall.jpg

Grenade Lob

Grenade weapons can be lobbed over Dome and Building spaces to a space on the other side that cannot normally be seen.

To reflect this, Grenades treat Dome and Building spaces as Woods for line of sight. You cannot throw a grenade into or out of a Dome (but can in and out of a Building.)

LOS Grenade.jpg

Line of Sight Examples

LOS Examples.jpg

Hero 1 has a clear shot to P and N down the tunnel. Walls block the shot to L.

The line to U passes between the Dome and the Rough space. The Dome would block the shot, so Hero 1 chooses the Rough. U gains +2 Stealth for the Rough.

R is concealed by two Woods spaces, gaining +4 Stealth.

T is deeply concealed by two Woods and a Rough for +6 Stealth.

Hero 2 has clear shots to S and U. The Swamp in his own space has no effect. L and N are concealed by two Rough spaces for +4 Stealth, as is Y by a Woods and a Swamp. K gains +2 Stealth for the Building, and the Building space blocks the shot to Z. The shot to R is blocked by the Dome, and the shot to X is blocked by Wall.

Hero 3 is in a Dome, so she has no shot.

Hero 4 is blocked heavily by the Wall in his space. Walls block sight to L, N, and U. He can see P and K, with K getting +2 Stealth for the Building.

The Walls prevent Hero 5 from shooting at anyone.

Ranged Attack Example

Pvt. Sanchez is hunting squirrels, and Lazar is right on time!

Ranged Example 4.jpg

Choose Weapon

Pvt. Sanchez readies his Tommy Gun.

Ranged Example 1.jpg

Choose Target

Lazar is riding Horizon, gaining a Speed of 6. During Lazar’s Action, he Moves, passing through the tunnel and out through the building.

During Sanchez’s Reaction, he takes the Shoot reaction, targeting Lazar at:

1: NO! He can’t shoot at the space where Lazar started his Action step.

2: NO! He can’t shoot through the wall between the spaces.

3: NO! Lazar is only 1 space away, and the Tommy Gun has a minimum range of 2.

4: YES! Lazar is in range and in sight. However, Lazar will be in a Building, so he gains +2 Stealth.

5: NO! Sanchez cannot shoot through the Building space in front of this space.

Ranged Example 2.jpg

Hit Challenge

The Tommy Gun uses Aim to Hit. Sanchez has 9 Aim. Also, he has the bonus symbol for Rifles, so he gains +1 for an attack rating of 10.

Lazar has a Stealth of 7, and gains +2 more from the Building, for a defense of 9.

10 vs. 9 – Sanchez is better by 1.

The Damage challenge card is drawn. Better By 1 shows hit!

Ranged Example 3.jpg

Damage Challenge

The Tommy Gun’s Power is 4. Lazar’s Armor is 3. Better By 1 again. The Damage challenge card is drawn. Better By 1 shows -2 wounds.

The Tommy Gun does 3 wounds normally. Reduce this by 2. So, place 1 wound marker on Lazar’s card.