Duel of Ages II
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DoA II Codex

Duel of Ages II Codex

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The ultimate DoA II resource. Over 200 large-format pages of the original uncropped art, the perfectly polished rules, and the in-depth strategy guide. Whether you are a DoA II basic player, or have all the Master goodies, this is your complete resource rolled into one magnificent, full-color codex.

DoA II is currently out of print, but we have a few left in our store and through Amazon.

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As of October 1, 2016, we have 23 Full Series left, and 14 Basic Sets beyond that. The Master Set is only available as part of the full series. But the full Series contains the Collector's Bundle and the Combat Card, which makes it a deal even if you have the Basic Set already. Keep your original Basic Set separate to teach newbies.

Wait, hold on. What is Duel of Ages?

Ah, you're a freshly birthed newbie... welcome. First, pulse check. Duel of Ages II is not a light party game, and it is very different from most family hobby store games like Settlers of Catan. You'll have to strive a little to learn it. If you suffered an adrenaline-spike of fear after reading that, walk away. Otherwise, read on, and look inside the boxes if you wish...

Look Inside the Duel of Ages Boxes


In the distant future, the virtual arena is prepared, the teams organized, and the challengers immersed in their personality templates, becoming the great archetypes from all of human history and experience. The alarm sounds, and virtual reality becomes reality...

Select a team of characters. Overcome adventures and the enemy team to win favor, achievements, and ultimate victory. And while you are at it, enjoy the stories that your game builds.

Filled with endlessly deep strategy, 192 fascinating characters, 400 treasures and an endless supply of maps, Duel of Ages II is a uniquely varied tabletop board game that you can enjoy for years and never see the same game twice.

Duel of Ages II is a time-scramble board game played between two opposing sides each having 1 to 4 players, with uneven size allowable. Each side controls a selected team of 8-12 characters from different ages of time: Ancient, Colonial, Modern and Future. The goal is to win greater glory in overcoming adventures and in tactical combat than the opposing team.

Duel of Ages II an adventure game. It contains combat but it is not a combat game. In fact, many characters are poor at fighting but excellent at adventuring, and victory comes from doing what your characters do best while keeping the enemy team from doing the same. Game strategy involves making a thousand small, important decisions each turn as the game situation changes radically. And when you're done, win or lose, you'll talk about the interesting and memorable events of the game, and the possibilities in the games to come.

I'm a DoA vet. Where are the online rules, mods and cool stuff?

We got everything you need right here. Duel of Ages II is specifically designed as an expandable game system. It will be interesting to see what horizons the players take it.

Where's the forum? I want to say something.

And you should. Duel of Ages produces a lot of chatter. Players think of new characters and missions, others have rules or strategy questions, and often there's something in a DoA game session that is so awesome it must be told. Those conversations will occur at our favorite game community, Board Game Geek. If you are not signed up and plugged in, get cracking.


Duel of Ages II
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"This game brings together tactical combat (albeit in a highly abstracted manner), random maps, character improvement, exploration, and multiple victory conditions in one easy to play package."
      Andrew Real

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