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June, 2530. Across the Forty Worlds, entertainment-seekers engage in the Worldspanner Games. They immerse in a thousand settings, taking the role of a favorite hero or villain of any age, enjoying delights from masquerade balls to Roman festivals to star-surfing.

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The most popular contest is Factions. Challengers assume the identity of one of 360 famous personas known as the Full Degree. These heroes are icons, role-models, scoundrels and bogeymen, and they are known universally.

You’re alone in a VR chamber, listening to the commlink chatter of your fellow Psiclone teammates. You review game stats, awaiting the rival team—the Skyhawks.

The standby alarm sounds. You adjust your feedback suit. Lights dim. A holovision appears...

In the vast arena nearby, you and your teammates first appear as ghosts, but you take form. The audience cheers as they recognize who you are—a ruggedly handsome Latino in a twentieth century American military uniform.

Lines of black camouflage paint streak your face and your hair is neatly slicked back. A personality template clamps onto your mind, dampening your true self but placing your inner will in control of a new personality. You ARE Private Sanchez, the best sniper in the mix.

The first of your teammates appear in the arena.

Your turn comes. There is a flash and you find yourself in the darkness of an entry dome. You step out, choose an objective, and race towards it. But an enemy charges out of the dome to your right. And she wields a weapon...



Build a random map known as the Land. Divide into two teams. Each controls a squad of heroes.

You can play 1v1, 2v3, 4v4, and everything in between.

Your heroes appear in the arena and race out to gain loot and glory, by skill at adventure and combat.

Some heroes will shine, some will fail, and some will end up in the Underpit.

Heroes often teleport to new locations, changing the power balance every turn. Watch your back!

Victory goes to the team that earns the most favor with the Faction houses and with the Queen Mother of the games, Lith.