The Map

Map Pieces.jpg

The map uses platters and keys like a puzzle.

Keys come in three types:

- Dome keys, each containing 4 purple Domes.

- Faction keys, representing the nine Factions.

- Lith keys named Lith’s Lair and Death’s Edge.

Lith and Faction keys are adventure keys.

Map Sides - Standard & Muted

Map Sides.jpg

The map pieces have two sides. The Standard side has white hexagon borders, while the Muted has black hexagons.

The Muted map has a uniform color to all non-Cavern Clear spaces. This makes it less colorful but more obvious where terrain is.

You quickly get used to the symbol-based terrain of the Standard side, but the Muted side is there if you prefer enhanced clarity. Use the Muted side for new players.

You must use either the Standard side or the Muted side. They don’t mix.

Vista Keys

Vista Key.png

Set 2 contains six Vista keys. Use them in the expanded map designs and the campaign.

Vista keys are not adventure keys. You cannot capture them or gain glory from them. Their primary purpose is to create emptier zones on the map, but each has a potentially useful space.

Each Vista key contains a special space with a circle:

River Run

Panning for gold - Free: A hero in this space gains 1 gold.

Hunting Lodge

Hunter’s expertise - Free: A hero in this space gains 1 Boost.

Cow Pasture

Milk, beef, manure, and leather - Free: A hero in this space heals 1 wound.

Horse Pasture

A swift horse - Free: A hero in the space gains +2 Speed in their upcoming Action step.

Lone Rock

Perfect vantage point - A hero in this space gains +2 Hit with Aim attacks.

Open Prairie

No cover - A hero in this space gains +2 Hit with Point attacks.