Building a Map

Build Map.jpg

1. Randomly select 3 platters.

2. Randomly select 5 Factions keys.

3. Add the 6 Dome keys and 2 Lith keys. You now have 13 keys and 3 platters.

4. Take one random key. Attach the three platters to it.

5. Fill in the slots around the map edge with randomly selected and rotated keys.

To randomly choose keys, pull from a bag or from under table, have a player call out a number, or use dice to select and orient.

Fix dead ends

Map Fix Deadends.jpg

The position of a key might block heroes from moving into part of that key. If so, spin the key clockwise and check it again.

In your first games, you might not discover dead ends until later. That’s okay. Fix it when you find it.

INVALID: The only entrance to Celestial Theatre is blocked by the Great Tree’s wall.

Set 2 Map Designs

With Set 2, you can use other map designs. All use the two Lith keys (Death’s Edge and Lith’s Lair) and the six Dome keys.

Remember that teams always bring on one-third of their heroes during Reinforce, rounded up. So, bring on 4 heroes each turn if you are playing with 10-12 heroes.


Map Shape Quad.jpg

Platters: 4

Faction Keys: 7

Vista Keys: 1

Heroes: 10-12

A bigger map for experienced players.

Tri Line

Map Shape Tri Line.jpg

Platters: 3

Faction Keys: 5

Vista Keys: 1

Heroes: 8-9

Excellent for conventions and narrower tables.

Quad Line

Map Shape Quad Line.jpg

Platters: 4

Faction Keys: 8

Vista Keys: 2

Heroes: 10-12

Tri line and Quad line are excellent for conventions and narrower tables.

Tri Split

Map Shape Tri Split.jpg

Platters: 3

Faction Keys: 7

Vista Keys: 1

Heroes: 8-9

These maps are separate and cannot be accessed using normal movement. When building the map, at least one adventure key and one Dome key must be on each separate section.

Quad Split

Map Shape Quad Split.jpg

Platters: 4

Faction Keys: 9

Vista Keys: 3

Heroes: 10-12