At game end, the team with the most glory wins! There are 7 ways to gain glory in Set 1, more in Set 2.

Gold Tie-Breaker

If both teams have the same amount of glory, the team with the most gold carried by their undefeated heroes at game end wins. If that is tied, use least heroes that end defeated, then least total wounds on undefeated heroes. If these are equal, that’s amazing, and the game ends in a tie.

Glory 1 to 5: Faction Keys

Check each of the Faction keys. The team with the most victory markers on that key gains 1 glory. If tied, neither team gets glory.

In Hope Hospice, each team has 1 marker. Neither team wins the glory.

In Dreadmark, White has two markers and Black one. White wins 1 glory.

In Green Vale, Black has 4 markers. Black wins only 1 glory.

In Watchman Keep, no markers. Neither team wins the glory.

In Crown District, White has one marker. White wins 1 glory.

Glory Factions.jpg

Glory 6: Tribute to Lith

Glory Tribute Marker.jpg

The team that gave more tribute to Queen Mother Lith gains 1 glory. See p. 17. If tied, neither team gains glory.

White has given Lith 2 more tribute than Black. They gain the Glory point.

Glory Lith.jpg

Glory 7: No One Deep Down

Glory Underpit.jpg

A team that ends the game with no heroes in the underpit gains 1 glory. Heroes in the pit do not prevent you from gaining the glory. See Defeat, p. 18.

Unlike other glory, both teams can gain a point of glory for No One Deep Down.

Team White has 1 hero in the Underpit. Black has 4 in the Pit. White gains no glory. But Team Black gains the glory because they have no one in the Underpit.

Who Won?

Team White gained Dreadmark, Crown District, and Lith. 3 Glory.

Team Black gained Green Vale and No One Deep Down. 2 Glory.

Team White Wins!