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Heroes are wildly different from each other, spanning every age and genre. Some are deadly fighters, some are potent adventurers. Some are friendly and diplomatic, some stealthy and swift, and some are just plain scary. Some can kill you with a sword, some with their brain, and some are simply useless in combat. All are equal in value, if you use them correctly.

┘ Health

Number of wounds the hero can take before being defeated.


Each hero aligns with one of nine factions.

Seven of these Factions are found in Set 1. Exemplars and Adventurers are found in Set 2.

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Hero skills are rated 0 to 9-0 being awful and 9 superhuman.

╚ Speed

How fast the hero can move.

╔ Strength

Physical power and the experience to put it to use. Strong heroes can use heavier equipment treasures.

╩ Intellect

Knowledge and memory. Intelligent heroes can use more complex equipment treasures.

╦ Virtue

How the hero treats others, both friend and enemy, and whether the hero is trustworthy and honorable.

╠ Fame

How the hero is regarded by others. High Fame heroes are adored or feared. Low Fame heroes are overlooked, treated as nothing.

═ Agility

Agile heroes are light on their feet, with fast reflexes. Agility is defense against melee attacks.

╬ Stealth

A stealthy hero knows how to remain unseen. Stealth is defense against ranged attacks.

╧ Armor

The defense against any attack that hits.

╨ Aim

Steadiness, balance, and keenness of sight. Used for steady weapons such as rifles.

╤ Point

Hand-eye coordination and throwing skill. Used for hand-eye weapons such as pistols and thrown weapons.

╥ Wits

Cleverness and reaction speed. High Wits heroes attack first in melee.

╙ Melee

Higher melee has a better chance of hitting with a melee attack.

╘ Power

The chance that the hero’s fists/claws get through the target’s armor.

Wound Rating.jpg

╒ Wound

Number of wounds caused by fists/claws, from 0 to 4. An empty bar means 0 wounds.

A 0 Wound rating can still cause damage!


Nature List.jpg

At the card’s bottom right is the hero’s basic Nature - Man, Woman, Child, Being, Fairy, Machine, or Fiend. Most heroes have only one Nature, but some have two.