Dismiss & Banish

The queen mother of the games, Lith, often dismisses or banishes heroes, teleporting them to Domes. A dismissal is a gentle teleport, but if you are banished, you generally made her mad. Dismissal is also the way that heroes enter the map.


Dome Key 4.jpg

Draw a challenge card. Place the hero standee in an empty Dome within the number range shown. If no empty Domes are in that range, use the next highest number. If you go past 6, return to 1 and continue on up.

Finish dismissing one hero before drawing for the next.

Note that one card states “6 or 1” instead of a range like “3-6”.

During the Reinforce step, heroes use this dismissal process to enter the map.



Banishment follows the same rules as dismissal, but the ENEMY team draws one of their challenge cards and places the hero.

You draw a card showing 3-4. Place the hero in any Dome marked 3 or 4, but not in the one already containing a hero.