Map Terrain

Spaces and Terrain

Terrain Symbols.jpg

The map has hexagonal spaces. Each hero is represented by their standee, which is always placed in a space.

Only one hero can be in each space.


Each space has one terrain type, shown by a symbol in one corner of the space. Most spaces have no symbol. These are Clear.

Terrain Images.jpg

Map Edge

The map edge is off limits, solid Wall.


Terrain Adjacency.jpg

The rules commonly refer to heroes that are adjacent. Normally, adjacent means being in any of the six surrounding spaces next to the hero’s space. But there are two exceptions:

- A Wall without an entrance shown between the spaces prevents adjacency.

- Heroes inside a Dome are not adjacent to any space.

A hero inside a Dome is in a dark enclosure, easily heard but not seen.

A is adjacent to B and C. C is adjacent to D and A.

B is adjacent to A. Walls block B from being adjacent to C and D.

E is inside a Dome, and so is isolated, adjacent to no space.

Adventure Spaces

Adventure spaces contain a gold adventure plaque. These are always Clear spaces.

Walls and Caverns


Walls are impenetrable barriers such as rock, thick-walled structures, or trunks of giant trees. They are shown by black borders or areas. The edge of the map is also a wall.


Caverns are areas enclosed by walls. That enclosure is called a cavern. Cavern spaces are always Clear spaces.

Caverns have distinct entrances shown by a pink doorway symbol. These are the only ways to get into a cavern.

Terrain Adventure and Cavern.jpg