Move & Slip Away

Move Action

Move Cost.jpg

During the Action step, a hero can take the Move action. The hero’s Speed rating is used as move points.

Example: A hero with 5 Speed can move 5 “points” of movement.

Heroes do not need to move full Speed, or even move at all.

Be sure to show the opponents which spaces you are moving into, space by space, in case they plan to shoot at you.


Each space costs 1 or 2 move points to enter. Clear is 1. Building, Woods, Water, Swamp, and Rough are 2. Heroes cannot enter Fire, Deep Water, or Dome.

If a space costs 2 and the hero has only 1 move point left, they cannot enter that space.


Walls block movement unless there is an entrance between the spaces.

Must leave a Dome

A hero in a Dome must use a Move action to leave the Dome in their Action step.

Enemies might surround a Dome, preventing the hero from taking any action that step.

Enemy and allied characters

No space can have more than one character, whether that is a hero or a minion. Allies are friendly characters, enemies are not!

Characters can move through allies, but cannot end the Action step in the same space. Characters CANNOT move into or through a space containing an enemy.

Prohibited terrain

Fire and Deep Water are prohibited terrain. Unless allowed by a special ability, heroes cannot enter or be forced to enter these spaces.

Slip Away Action

Slipping away involves switching spaces with an adjacent enemy and moving a short distance:

1) Switch places

First, the hero switches spaces with an adjacent enemy.

2) Shift 2

The hero then takes a Shift 2. A Shift is a special kind of movement. Use the normal Move rules but ignore the hero’s Speed. The hero gains 2 move points, which is NEVER affected by any speed modifiers such as Transports or Boosts.

This Shift 2 does not become Shift 3 if the hero has a +1 Speed bonus, or Shift 1 from a -1 penalty.

Slip Away restrictions

You must have an enemy adjacent to your hero. You cannot target an ally.

Each enemy can be space-switched only ONCE per step. That enemy is immune after the first switch.

Neither hero can be forced into terrain that they are not allowed to enter, so if one is sitting in terrain that the other cannot enter, you cannot slip away using them.


Some heroes and special abilities allow flying. A hero can choose to fly, or not, during a Move or Slip Away action. They must use one or the other on that entire move.

Flying is considered a short hop, where the hero lands at the end of movement.

When flying:

Ignore enemies and all terrain except Walls. Pay 1 move point per space. You may not end in an enemy space or a space that you could not normally enter - Fire, Deep Water, and Dome as examples.

During this turn’s Reaction step, a flying hero gains no terrain Stealth bonuses, and no terrain blocks a shot at them - except Walls.

Enemies inside a Dome cannot see out. They are never allowed to take a shot, even against fliers.

Move Examples

Move Examples.jpg

These heroes take Move or Slip Away actions during their Action step. All have Speed 5, so they have five “points” to spend.

Hero 1 must leave the Dome. She moves through the Woods. She would like to enter the Swamp space, but that would cost a total of 6. She ends in the clear space.

Hero 2 wants to reach the quest in Watchman Keep. He must go around the Wall.

Hero 3 must leave the Dome. She decides to move one space out.

Hero 4 wants to head south but cannot move through Deep Water. He must go around.

Hero 5 wanted to head south through the great tree. But enemy X is in the way. He enters the great tree to take on X and Y in melee.

Hero 6 decides not to move at all.

Hero 7 can fly. She flies over the building at move cost 1, over enemy X and Y, and exits out the tree entrance on the south.

Hero 8 uses a Slip Away action. She switches places with enemy Z, then shifts 2, using 2 move points, passing through 3’s new space.