Loot includes treasure cards, gold, and other items tagged as loot. Heroes can carry any amount of loot.


Loot Gold.jpg

Gold, represented by coins, is useful for purchasing cards and bonuses, and is a tie-breaker at game end.

Treasure Cards

Treasure cards (or cards) are weapons, equipment, secrets, and other goodies. Keep treasure cards with the hero who owns them.

Treasure decks

There are three treasure decks: War, Secret, and Elite. The War deck is majority weapons, the Secret deck is majority secrets and surprises, and the Elite deck contains a powerful mix.

Loot Treasure Decks.jpg

Drawing cards

A hero that wins cards from an adventure can draw a mix of cards. War and Secret cards cost one draw. Elite cards cost two.

Loot Deck Draw Cost.jpg

Example: You win 2 cards. You can draw 2 War, or 2 Secret, or 1 War and 1 Secret, or 1 Elite.

Strength/Intellect limits

Treasure cards show Strength and Intellect ratings. To gain the card's benefits, a hero must have Strength and Intellect equal to or greater than the card ratings. A hero can carry any card, regardless of their ability to gain benefits from it.

Heroes that have the matching bonus symbol for the card ignore Strength and Intellect restrictions.

Example: A hero must have at least 5 Strength and 3 Intellect to use the Dread Mount card to the right, or have the Mount bonus symbol.

Revealing cards

Keep cards face down with the hero who owns them. They are inactive until revealed. Unless stated otherwise on the card, you may reveal a card at any time to gain its effects. Once revealed, it remains revealed for the remainder of the game.

Card use limits

Each card has a use limit symbol in the upper right.

The card is permanent, not lost after use.

The card is usable only once, then discarded.

The card is discarded after it defeats a hero (not a minion).

Cards CANNOT be deliberately discarded or dropped! They can only be discarded after being used up, as above.

Card Bonuses

Heroes gain treasure bonuses, as shown by Bonus symbols found on most hero cards. If a hero matches the card’s symbol:

- They ignore the card’s Strength and Intellect limits.

- They gain the bonus described under the Bonus box on the card. (Other text on a card is not part of the Bonus.)

Treasure Symbols.jpg

Own, Use, and Employ

Some treasure cards have special abilities that apply when owned, others apply when used. Any reference to employing a card applies to both owned and used effects.

Abilities that apply when owned are mandatory if the card is revealed. The effect applies even when the card is not being used.

Abilities that apply when used are optional, and activated by the hero at the appropriate time.

Trading, discarding, picking up, and paying for an adventure are not considered employing a card.

The Dread Mount’s hit bonus and Virtue penalty apply just by owning and revealing the card. But the 7 Speed is gained only when the hero chooses to use the card for movement.

Card Dread Mount.jpg

Trading Loot

No Trade.jpg

During their Free step, heroes adjacent to each other can trade any amount of loot back and forth between them. If you have a chain of heroes adjacent to each other, they can pass any amount between connected heroes.

When you CANNOT trade­

Adjacent enemies - A hero cannot trade if an enemy is adjacent to them.

No-Trade heroes - A hero with the No-Trade symbol on their card cannot trade loot with anyone.

Unleashed minions - Minions that have already been unleashed cannot be traded.

Heroes 2, 3, and 4 can trade. 1 is blocked by the wall. 5 is isolated in a Dome, not adjacent to anyone. 6 is adjacent to enemy X and cannot trade or pick up loot.

Trade Example.jpg

Picking Up Loot

Loot might be lying on the ground, often from a hero being defeated. During their Free step, a hero in that space can pick up any of the loot. (They could then trade it away in the same Free step if possible.)

Heroes CANNOT pick up items if an enemy is adjacent.

Trading and picking up loot are the only activities that an adjacent enemy prevents. Heroes can freely shoot, adventure, etc., even if an enemy is adjacent.

Steal and Destroy

Some special abilities allow a hero to Steal loot from an enemy.

Example: Steal 2 allows you to steal two items of loot from an enemy.

When loot is stolen or discarded, the owner always chooses the loot being stolen.

If an unleashed pet or bot card is stolen, it is removed from the map (see Minions p. 22).

Destroy is considered a Steal. However, on a Destroy, the stolen loot is discarded instead of handed over.

On a Steal 1, the hero being stolen from can hand over 1 gold or 1 card, their choice (assuming they have both). It could even be special loot, such as eggs found in Set 3’s campaign.

An Armor Card

Card Armor.jpg

The card’s bonus symbol (Armor). Heroes that have this symbol at the bottom of their card gain +1 Armor while they own it.

This card is permanent.

This is Body Armor, under the more general category of Armor, then Item.

A Weapon Card

Card Weapon.jpg

Uses Aim for Hit rating.

Has Power 4, Wound 3, and range 2 to 5.

This card is discarded after defeating a hero (not a minion).

Heroes must have at least this much Strength and Intellect to use this card.

A Minion Card

Card Minion.jpg

A minion has many of the ratings that a hero does.

This kitty has 3 health.

A Medical Card

Card Medical.jpg

Discard after using this card.