Card Types


Use a Melee card in place of the hero’s natural melee attack.

Bonus: Gain +1 Hit when using the weapon.

Card Type Melee.jpg


Although a few heroes have a natural ranged attack, most must acquire a Ranged weapon to make a ranged attack.

Bonus: Gain +1 Hit when using the weapon.

Card Type Ranged.jpg


Armor comes in three types: Body, Helm, and Shield. A hero can use only one of each type at a time, though they can own many.

Armor improves a hero’s Armor rating or provides a Block ability. See Blocking, p.23.

Bonus: The Armor bonus usually gives +1 Armor when using the armor.

Card Type Armor.jpg

Transports - Mounts and Vehicles

Transports increase a hero’s Speed or replace it with their own Speed. Using a Transport is voluntary.

A hero can use only one Transport during a Move. They must use the chosen Transport through the entire Move.

Heroes might have movement special abilities, such as moving faster or slower through certain terrain. These abilities still apply when using a Transport. Many Transports prevent flying, however.

Any Speed increases or decreases that affect the owner also affect the Transport’s Speed.

Bonus: The Transport bonus usually provides +1 Speed when used.

Card Type Transport.jpg


Healing kits and potions.

Bonus: Some increase a certain rating while you own the card. Others allow spreading the healing across multiple heroes.

Card Type Medical.jpg

Gadgets, Packs and Stealth

These cards provide advantages as described on the card. Reveal them when you first wish to gain those advantages.

Bonus: The bonus for many of these items increase a hero’s rating while the card is owned.

Card Type Gadget.jpg


Cubes are one-use event triggers.

Bonus: When you play the Cube, you draw another secret card as a replacement if the hero’s Fame (╠) is equal to or higher than the value shown next to the Fame symbol.

Card Type Cube.jpg

Surprises and Soulstones

A Surprise is a wonderful event that occurs if you set up the necessary situation. Use as described on the card.

Soulstones are powerful items for honorable heroes. They change one rating of the owner to match their Virtue + 1 (╦).

Card Type Surprise.jpg

Glory Cards

Certain Lith cards allow you to win a Glory point for victory. If at any moment your team achieves the requirement on the card, reveal the card and set it aside, out of play. At game end, you count it as one glory point.

The card owner does not need to achieve the requirement alone. It is a team effort. Once accomplished, it is not lost if you no longer meet the card’s requirements.

Card Type Glory.jpg

Minions - Pets and Bots

Minions are creatures unleashed by a hero to roam the map and attack enemies.

Minions come in two types. Pets are living creatures, while bots are non-living.

Minions can’t carry loot or attempt adventures.

The bonus for minions allows the hero to Shift 1 after unleashing the minion.

Card Type Minion.jpg