Faction houses welcome your heroes, each a potential friend or ally if you assist their cause. And deep in her lair, Queen Mother Lith awaits acts of honor and gifts of tribute.

In Set 1, seven of the nine Factions are represented.

Crown District

Faction Lord.jpg

Behind marble walls lies the domain of the prosperous and elite, the seat of power in the Land. The District might listen to those who can wield influence or craft plans to keep taxes flowing and stop rabble from becoming a bother.

Steel Bastion

Faction Warrior.jpg

Home of the mightiest mercenary corps, the Bastion watches over the frontier and trains without ceasing. It honors those who can wield either weapons or the loyalty of its brave soldiers. Weak sentimentality and lax discipline have no place here.

Watchman Keep

Faction Defender.jpg

The Keep is law and order over the Land. Wielding sword, musket, and justice, Watchmen Knights act as guards, protectors, rescuers, and mob-crushers. They wage an eternal struggle against the law-breaking factions, and anyone else who threatens peace and order in the Land.


Faction Villain.jpg

To outsiders, Dreadmark is known as the Arts Patronage, wise stewards of good society. But within the castle, all manner of terror is concocted. Evil is the job, the hobby, and the daydream of Dreadmark agents. Those who dared to stand against Dreadmark are no longer among the living...

Celestial Theatre

Faction Icon.jpg

The tireless entertainers of Celestial Theatre pour their soul into bringing the finest experiences into the pathetic, drab lives of the Land. Fame is the currency and influence the coin of the Theatre. Wipe your muddy boots, you sods and soldiers!

Smugglers Den

Faction Outcast.jpg

Smuggler’s Den is hidden near the dockyards, buried within Poortown, a tangle of slums where the unimportant are forgotten. The Den has no outside allies, and so must take care of their own. Beware the fat coin purse that wanders near.

Hope Hospice

Faction Exemplar.jpg

There are physicians and apothecaries beyond Hope Hospice, but none have the dedication to selfless service as is found in this house of healing. Hospital, boarding house, orphanage, and sanctuary, the Hospice serves all without regard to wealth, power or station.

Lostlight Society

Faction adventurer.jpg

The Society concerns itself with preserving the artifacts of history and protecting the lives of those who pursue progress in the arts and sciences. To many, the Society is nothing more than a high-class thieves guild. To others, they are the guardians of the future and the past.

Green Vale

Faction Commoner.jpg

The Green Vale is the scent of mint fields and the creak of windmills driving the milling stones in producing the flour that feeds the Land. Here life moves steadily and with purpose, where family and lineage count far more than wealth and wine cellars.

Queen Mother Lith

Faction Lith.jpg

Beautiful, terrifying Lith is the ultimate authority in the Land, a shape-shifting being of the elements. Within her lair, where the walls are lava and floor is ice, Lith accepts tribute of humanity’s greatest treasures and provides treasure of her own—magical cubes, arena secrets, and artifacts that honor the virtuous.