Adventure Basics

Adventure Basics Example.jpg

To adventure, a hero must be standing on a space with a gold adventure plaque. Adventuring is voluntary. A hero can stand on an adventure space and not adventure.

Adventures are resolved during the Adventure step only, and ONLY for the active team.

Adjacent enemies do NOT prevent adventuring.

After EVERY adventure, the adventuring hero will be either dismissed (usually) or banished (you messed up).


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Many adventures (as well as attacks) are resolved by a challenge. In a challenge, two ratings are compared, and then a challenge card is turned over to determine the result.

Place used cards in a discard pile. You cannot look through the discard pile.

Each team has a challenge deck of their own. This deck flattens the luck and makes sure both teams are abused equally.

Reading the Challenge card

Adventure Basics Challenge Draw.jpg

Determine the difference between the hero’s rating and the opposing rating. Find this difference on the challenge card. Look at the face next to that amount. The difference cannot be greater than 6 or less than -6.

A positive difference is commonly referred to as being “Better By.” A negative difference is known as “Worse By.”

Adventure Basics Example.jpg

Example: Your hero’s Aim is 6, versus the 5 Aim challenge shown here. The difference is 1. You draw a challenge card. “1” is in a green band containing a happy face. The hero Passes!

Success Amaze.jpg

Amaze! The hero rocked it.

Success Pass.jpg

Pass. The hero did well enough.

Success Squeak.jpg

Squeak. The hero failed, but learned something.

Success Fail.jpg

Fail. Hang your head in shame.

Success Fopp.jpg

Fopp (Failure of Painful Proportions). Let’s pretend this never happened.

Common Adventure Results

On EVERY adventure, a Squeak, Fail, and Fopp have the same results.

Success Squeak.jpg

Squeak: The hero gains a Boost and is dismissed.

Success Fail.jpg

Fail: The hero is dismissed.

Success Fopp.jpg

Fopp: The hero is banished.

Capturing a Faction Adventure

Adventure Basics Markers.jpg

The goal of all adventures on the Faction keys is to capture them. If your adventure result tells you to capture that adventure space, do the following:

If there is no victory marker on that space, place your team’s victory marker there.

If the enemy already has their marker there, remove it. Do NOT place your own.

If your own team’s marker is already there, do nothing. You’ve already captured it. Only one victory marker can be on a space.

Faction Relations

Factions prefer to work with heroes of a like mind, while those of opposite factions are met with suspicion.

Adventure Basics Quest Back.jpg

Each hero has one faction that they naturally relate to, known as their home faction. This is shown by the symbol in the upper left of the hero card.

Heroes also have two opposing factions that naturally treat them with disfavor.

Heroes gain a +2 adventure bonus on their home faction key, while suffering -2 on the two opposing factions keys.

These modifiers apply only to adventures that are challenges - ones that require a challenge card to be drawn.

Steel Bastion is home to Warriors. Warrior heroes gain +2 to tasks and quests in Steel Bastion, feeling right at home there.

But Adventurers and Icons are met with suspicion, suffering -2 penalty.

Adventures where you spend money or cards give no benefit to home heroes or penalty to opposing heroes. Money greases all wheels.