Boosts, Toxic, Minions



Heroes can earn Boost tokens, which provide a temporary ratings increase.

To use a Boost, announce it during the Free step. Flip the marker to the “+1” side. The Boost lasts until the start of your next Free step.

A Boost gives +1 to all numbered ratings down the left-hand side of the hero card. This does not include Wound rating. The Speed bonus also applies to any Transport card used.

A hero can have any number of Boost tokens, but can use only one at a time. Boosts are not loot, and cannot be traded away.

Boosts do not affect the Power of natural ranged attacks, like Rizzik’s, or of weapon cards.

Blocking and Toxic


Some special abilities block wounds. For each attack that causes wounds, only one block effect can be applied against it, target’s choice.


Toxic wounds are treated as normal wounds. However:

1. Toxic negates all “Block” effects.

2. Toxic causes double wounds to minions.

3. Toxic neutralizes some hero special abilities.

Block Toxic.jpg


A minion’s purpose is combat. Minions cannot carry, use, trade, or pick up loot. They cannot adventure.

Use the Unleash action to unleash a minion. Place the minion standee in an empty space adjacent to the owner. If there are no empty spaces, the minion cannot be unleashed.

So, a minion cannot be unleashed from a Dome.

After being unleashed in the Action step, the minion can take its own action during that same step! The hero has used their action. However, a hero with the bonus symbol can conduct a Shift 1 (p. 22) after unleashing the minion.

The minion card remains with the hero as a carried card. It cannot be traded away but can be stolen. If stolen or if the owner is defeated, the minion is removed from the map but the card remains.

If defeated, minions are discarded. If they defeat a hero, they are also discarded like any defeat card.

Minions can be dismissed and banished.

Minion abilities

Minions ignore all mental abilities.

Minions take two wounds from each toxic wound sustained.

Minions do not have all the ratings that a hero does. If a special ability targets a certain rating and the minion does not have that rating, they are immune to that effect.

Minion Symbols.jpg

Pets and Bots

Minions come in two types - Pets (living) and Bots (non-living). There are no differences between the two, except for their bonus symbol.

Minion Cards.jpg