Solo/Co-op Skirmish Mode

SK 01.jpg

In skirmish mode, from 1-6 co-op players compete against a random set of heroes controlled by an AI. These AI heroes are referred to as foes.

Step 1: Get Your Game Ready

Set up a standard game. Build the map. Draw your heroes. Gather their starting loot. Choose to be Team Black or White.

Step 2: The Tactics Bar

The Tactics Bar manages foe actions. Put the pointer strip on the table. Randomly select one tactics strip, using either side, and place next to the pointer strip.

Step 3: Draw Foes

Decide how many foes you want to play against. Deal out that many hero cards, face down.

A robot is at the bottom of each hero card. Line up the color of the robots with the three tactics bar color rows - white, gray, black. Lay down the hero cards left to right.

Step 4: Balance

Foes must be as equal as possible across rows. If not, fill in needy rows from over-full ones.

You take on 11 enemy heroes. You draw 5 White, 1 Gray, 5 Black. Both White and Black are over-full. You move one White and one Black to Gray. You now have 4-3-4.

SK 02.jpg

Step 5: Equip

Now flip the foe cards face up. Get their starting treasures, boosts, and gold.

Treasure cards owned by foes never stay face-down. Turn them face up as soon as you draw them.