Skirmish Rule Changes

Normal Factions rules apply, except as follows.

Override Card


At the start of each foe Free step, draw a Foe challenge card. Set it near the tactics bar.

Set the bar pointers to the Luck showing on the override card, lining up the arrows with the three instances of that number.

Override card shows Luck 5. Set Tactics Bar to 5.

SK 03.jpg

Foe Dismiss & Banish Uses Luck

SK 04.jpg

Use Luck instead of Dome range when dismissing and banishing from the foe’s challenge deck. Place a dismissed foe in the Dome closest to the nearest valid adventure. When foes banish heroes, place the hero in the worst Dome farthest back on the key.

With this card, a foe is dismissed to a 4 Dome. The 1-3 Dome range is ignored.

Cards and Loot

Foes take only War cards for adventure rewards. This does not apply to market purchases.

Foes will not trade gold. They will trade cards. Trade cards to the foe who can best use them.

Foes always pick up loot in their space.

Boosts for Foes

Each foe with one or more Boosts will activate one in their Free step.

NO Foe Faction Mods or Favor Tiles

Foes gain no bonus or penalty in Faction keys. Ignore their faction symbol.

Foes never gain Faction or Lith Favor tiles.

Death’s Edge and Lith’s Lair

Foes treat ALL Lith’s Lair adventures as Lith’s Chamber.

When foes pass an Underworld adventure, move up the defeated foe with the latest alphabetical name. Example: “Blackbeard” before “Annie Oakley”.

Hero Use of Mirror Pool

For heroes only, the Mirror Pool in Lith’s Lair is changed. A Pass causes 1 wound to the foe with the most health remaining. Amaze causes 2 wounds to that foe and gives 1 Lith tribute.

Remember that, for foes, the Mirror Pool acts as a Lith’s Chamber adventure, like all Lith’s Lair adventures.

Side Switching

It’s possible for a foe to side-switch to the hero side, or a hero to turn traitor.

For example, if a foe is adjacent to Boris Andronov and has at least 10 points of loot to turn him, it will.


On a steal, foes give gold first, then a card they cannot use due to Strength/Intellect limits, then the card with the latest alphabetical name. Example: “Long Sword” before “Battle Axe”.

Players Break Ties

Whenever you reach a point where multiple choices are possible, the players choose.

For example, if multiple foes have the same Health for the Mirror Pool above, you choose the foe from that list to take the wound.

Foes Gain Lith Tribute

Foes always begin a skirmish with 2 tribute toward Lith. Place their victory marker with 2 tribute on Lith’s Chamber.

Round Changes

Free Step

Override card

At the start of the foe’s Free step, draw a challenge card and set the tactics bar using that card’s Luck. Discard the previous Override card.

Action Step

See the Foe Actions section, next page.

Reinforce Step

During the foe’s Reinforce step, bring on one full row - all foes on the white row on Round 1, all gray on 2, all black on 3.

Foe Command

During each enemy turn, you may choose to issue one command to one foe. You are not required to do so. If this command will take multiple turns to achieve, place a tracker on the foe’s card to remind you.

A command overrides programmed options. The foe will carry out your specific command unless it is blocked from doing so. If blocked, the command ends prematurely.

A command must be related to the special ability text of the foe or a treasure card. You cannot issue a command simply because you feel the foe should attack instead of adventure, etc.

The purpose of the command is to make your enemies more effective, not for you to treat them unfairly.

Examples of commands to foes:

Blackbeard is two movement turns away from the Mirror Pool. You decide to issue Blackbeard the command to move to the Mirror Pool and dig up his treasure. You place a tracker on Blackbeard to remind you.

But then you move a hero into a blocking position that prevents Blackbeard from doing so. The command ends and Blackbeard conducts his normal programmed action.

Genghis Khan is near a massive brawl of five heroes. You choose to issue him the command to move and place all of the enemies in this brawl within Genghis’s fear aura. No tracker is needed because this is a one-action command.

Emily Knight is near one of her equipment caches. You command her to move to it.

Joe Tascoe has the Surprise card, “Secret Passage.” He is close to a wall that would greatly help the AI team if that wall could be moved through. You command him to move there.

Clara Barton has a great Lith tribute card that would put the foes far ahead in Lith’s Lair. Even though the foes are already ahead in Lith’s Lair by 2 tribute, you issue a command to Clara to move to Lith’s Lair and give up that card for tribute.