Skirmish Foe Actions

SK 06.jpg

During the foe’s Action step, start with the upper left foe and work left-right, top-down.

Tactics Bar

The tactics bar has been set to a number. This selects one symbol for each row of foes.

SK 08.jpg

Attack goal

SK 10.jpg

Adventure goal

SK 11.jpg

Special goal

During the foe Free, you draw an override card with Luck 1. You set the tactics bar to 1. Foes in the white row will use the Attack goal, gray row uses the Special goal, and black row uses the Adventure goal.

SK 07.jpg

Foe AI

Foes don’t think ahead. They don’t care about next turn, just this turn.

Distance Does Not Matter

Distance NEVER matters when choosing a target. Foes never just attack the nearest hero or go to the nearest adventure.

Stacking Foes (Important!)

Foes will move into a space of one ally that hasn’t taken their action yet, on the assumption that their ally will move. That ally WILL move if it can still achieve its goal. If it can’t, it will stay, and you push the invading foe back to their entry space.

Minion Unleash Priority

Foes have a top priority regardless of their selected goal. If they can unleash a minion, they will.

Minions controlled by foes always use the Attack goal. If they reach Option #5, they instead move as far as possible toward the nearest valid target, in terms of move points. It does not matter whether that target is in a Dome or not.