Attack Goal

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For each foe taking the attack goal, start with Option #1 and move down the list until you find an option that is possible for the foe to do. Use the Choose Target steps to choose the target of the action, if needed.

Option #1: Make a ranged attack

To take this option, the foe must have a ranged weapon. If it has multiple ranged weapons, use the best one for the situation.

Is there a valid ranged target? Use the Choose Target steps, below.

If the foe has no ranged attack or valid target, move on...

Option #2: Move adjacent to a valid melee target

Is there is a valid melee target that the foe can move adjacent to? Use the Choose Target steps, below.

If the foe can reach multiple spaces around the selected target:

1. Choose a space adjacent to the fewest enemies.

2. If there are still multiple spaces possible, choose that one that gives the foe an advantage. For example, it will try to avoid enemy auras or use its own aura or an ally’s aura.

3. If there are still multiple spaces possible, choose the one that takes the fewest move points to reach. Players break a tie.

Remember the Stacking Foes rule above! Foes might focus on one hero and Stacking Foes helps them all find a space from which to attack.

If the foe cannot move adjacent to a valid target, move on...

Option #3: Move so a hero cannot leave a Dome key

Can the foe move to a space that prevents a hero from leaving the ten hexes of the Dome key they are currently on? Move as close to the hero as possible.

This usually happens when the foe can move into the gap spaces between the Domes.

Foes will not take this action if another foe already has the hero trapped (even if that foe later moves away).

If the foe cannot trap an enemy, move on...

Option #4: Ranged ambush

If the foe has a ranged weapon it can use, is there is a hero nearby that would be able to reach an uncaptured adventure next turn?

If so, see if there is a space the foe can move to that:

1. Is not adjacent to any enemy.

2. Ensures a valid shot at the target if the hero tries to move onto that adventure OR tries to move adjacent to the foe.

If there is, use this option. Choose the best possible space for the ambush.

Use the override card to choose between multiple targets.

If no such ambush exists, move on...

Option #5: Go to Adventure options

Move to the Adventure Goal options list.

Choose Target

NEVER choose a target based on which one is closest.

Step 1: Possible targets

If the foe intends to melee, determine all targets that it could move adjacent to using a Move or Slip Away action or special ability.

For ranged, determine those in weapon range and line of sight.

Step 2: Exclude minions

Foes will not target minions unless there are no heroes to attack.

Step 3: Valid targets only

A valid target is one where the foe’s Hit chance is at least -2.

Examples: A target with 6 Stealth that is in Woods would have 8 Stealth. A foe with only 5 Aim would not try to fire at that target.

Step 4: Override

SK 09.jpg

Use the rating on the override card to determine which valid target to attack. If the rating shows a down arrow, the target is the hero with the lowest in that rating. An up arrow is the highest. Use only the printed rating as shown on the hero card, without modifiers!

On this override card, the override rating is highest Wits. Whoever has the highest Wits will be the chosen target.

Step 5: Easiest target

If the override is tied, choose the VALID target that is easiest to Hit. If this is tied, choose the one easiest to Damage. Players break a tie.

Foe Attacks During Reaction and Hero Melee Step

The Choose Target method above also applies to choosing targets during the hero’s Melee step and when a foe has a Reaction shot.

However, there is one difference. If the foe ends up with no VALID target, it will attack an INVALID target. Choose based on the override card, with ties handled by easiest target.

Attack Goal Examples

SK 13.jpg

The foes, shown as numbers, all have a Speed of 5 and only Foe 9 has a ranged weapon. The override card shows Highest Stealth.

SK 12.jpg

Foe 1 can move adjacent to Kristina, Qoug, or Rizzik. Both Rizzik and Kristina have 6 Stealth, so the override is a tie. It breaks the tie by choosing the easiest target to hit - Kristina’s 4 Agility vs. Rizzik’s 8. Kristina is the chosen target. Foe 1 would normally move the least amount to reach its target, but that space is also next to Qoug, and the goal tries to move adjacent to as few heroes as possible. So, Foe 1 moves one additional space so that it is only next to Kristina.

Foe 2 also targets Kristina, but the only unoccupied space it can reach is the one next to both Qoug and Kristina.

Foe 3’s only target for melee is Rizzik, because it can no longer reach Kristina or Quog. However, Rizzik has 8 Agility and the foe has only 2 Melee. That makes Rizzik an invalid target at -6 Hit. Foe 3 instead attempts Attack Goal #3, and this it can do. It moves to trap Boris on the Dome key in the best space possible. Notice that Goal 3 does not care whether the hero is a valid target or not, so Foe 3’s low Melee makes no difference.

Foe 4 can reach Rizzik, AND reach Kid by using a Slip Away action on Rizzik. Kid has the higher Stealth. So, Foe 4 switches places with Rizzik and shifts next to Kid.

Foe 5 cannot move adjacent to any hero. Boris has already been trapped by Foe 3, so Foe 5 will move over to the Adventure goals, winding up in Steel Bastion.

Foe 6 is not near any heroes - a common occurrence. It moves on to the Adventure goals and heads toward the closest adventures in Steel Bastion, ignoring Death’s Edge.

Foe 7 can attack Sanchez, but only by stacking in Foe 8’s space. It will do this because 8 has not acted yet.

Foe 8 wants to attack Sanchez, but 7 has moved into its space. So, 8 moves to another space next to Sanchez. If 8 could not have moved to another space next to Sanchez, Foe 7 would have been moved back a space to unstack.

Foe 9 has terrible Melee but a good ranged weapon with a range 1-3. Blackbeard can get to an adventure next turn. 9 moves for a ranged ambush on Blackbeard if he tries.