Adventure Goal

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Foes target only valid adventures

The following are invalid adventures:

1) An adventure that the foes have already captured with their victory marker. Foes will not attempt these even if they are standing on one. For Lith’s Lair, foes will not use these adventures once they are 2 tribute or more ahead.

2) Any adventure challenge where the foe is worse than -2.

It is possible that a foe gets stuck with a difficult Quest adventure when it is revealed. In this case, the foe does go ahead and attempt that quest.

3) Foes will not use Death’s Edge unless they are wounded or an ally is defeated.

Option #1: Move onto a valid sure-win adventure (gold/card pay)

Can the foe reach an uncaptured adventure that accepts gold or cards? The foe must have the gold or card(s) to pay. Do this even if the foe does not need the adventure’s reward.

If multiple such adventures are available, players choose.

Note that they must actually REACH that space. They don’t simply move toward one.

Foes handle these adventures as follows:


Pay with a card that the foe cannot use due to Strength/Int restrictions. Otherwise, pay using the card with the latest alphabetical name. Example: “Seafoam” before “Cypress”.


The foe buys only one card. They take the face-up market card if their Strength and Intellect allow them to use it. If not, they draw a card, discarding the card in the market and replacing it as usual.


Foes just pay 1 gold to capture it. They do not use the rescue.


Banish one hero that is 1) not in a Dome, and 2) latest name alphabetically. Example: “Spartacus” before “Kid”.


Purchase one Boost.


Attempt to heal as much as possible. If not wounded, spend 1 gold to capture the adventure.

ANY adventure space in Lith’s Lair

Give up as tribute all loot being carried, except Elite cards.

If no valid sure-win adventure is in move range, move on...

Option #2: Move onto the best valid adventure

Can the foe move onto a valid adventure space? If so, choose the one with the best chance of success. Players break ties.

The foe will not attempt an unknown Quest adventure unless no other valid adventure is available.

Death’s Edge Underworld

Move up the defeated foe with the latest alphabetical name. Example: “Joe Tascoe” before “Flicker”.

If no valid adventure is in move range, move on...

Option #3: Move toward closest valid adventure on a key where the foes are not at least 2 victory markers/tribute ahead

The foe moves as far as possible toward that adventure, even if that means moving up next to a blocking hero.

In this case, foes will ignore a Faction key where they have two more victory markers than the player team. They will ignore Lith’s Lair if they are ahead by 2 or more tribute.

For this option only, foes will always ignore Death’s Edge.

Adventure Goal Examples

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The foes, Team Black, all have a Speed of 5. Each foe has 2 gold, except Foe 5, which has none.

Watchman Keep has two Black victory markers. Lith’s Lair has 1 point of tribute toward Black.

The foes have no one defeated. None of the Quest adventures are known.

Foe 1 can do Adventure Option 2—move onto a valid adventure. It does not matter that Watchman Keep is already being won by 2 markers. Foe 1 will not attempt the Virtue challenge because it would be -4 against it. So, it attempts the Quest as the only other available adventure.

Foe 2 can’t reach an adventure, and so falls to Adventure Option 3. It won’t move toward Watchman Keep because the foes are already ahead by 2+ victory markers. So it moves toward Lith’s Lair, being ahead by only 1 tribute. It stacks on Foe 5’s space on the assumption Foe 5 will move.

Foe 3 has four adventures to choose from—three in Lostlight and one in Lith. The Lith adventure is a sure-win gold pay, so it triggers Adventure Option 1. Foe 3 moves to the Mirror Pool, which is treated as a Lith’s Chamber adventure for foes.

Foe 4 can reach Lockpicking and all adventures in Death’s Edge. However, no foes are defeated and Foe 4 is not wounded, so none of the Death’s Edge adventures are valid. The Lockpicking task is barely valid at -2: 3 vs 5.

Foe 5 has no loot, so it cannot attempt the Lith’s Chamber adventures in Lith’s Lair. It moves on to the Wits adventure in Lostlight.

Foe 6 is wounded. It will move to the only available valid adventure, Vortex.

Foe 7 wants to reach the sure-win Lab, so it Slips Away on Quog, switching places and shifting 2.

Now that Quog has been shifted out of the way, Foe 8 can move to the Quest adventure, as the only valid adventure available to it.

Foe 9 has no adventures in range that are not already taken or valid, so it will move into Lostlight, the closest adventure key that is not being won by 2+ victory markers or tribute.