Special Goal

SK 11.jpg

Option #1: Take a special action

Does the foe have any of these actions? Choose from top down:

1) Move into position to effectively use a Surprise card.

2) Use a single-use, non-weapon card with meaningful effects.

3) Use a once-per-game special ability with meaningful effects.

The chosen item or ability might not be an action. If not, continue through the Special options below to have the foe take an actual action.

The chosen ability must be meaningful. For example, if a foe has a 1/game special ability that harms enemies within 2 aura, and no enemies are within that aura, it would not use it.

If the foe has no such special action, move on...

Option #2: Move adjacent to the most trading heroes

Can the foe reach a space that is adjacent to trading heroes? Trading heroes are 1) adjacent to another hero that can trade, 2) at least one of these linked heroes has loot that could be traded, 3) another foe is not already next to them.

The foe will move to the space that is adjacent to as many of these trading heroes as possible. Players break ties.

If multiple spaces are valid, move to the one that requires the least amount of movement.

If foe cannot move to stop trade, move on...

Option #3: Move to space containing the most loot

Can the foe reach a space containing dropped loot? It will choose the space with the most loot. Consider gold to be worth 1, cards to be worth 2. Players break ties.

If no such space is in range, move on...

Option #4: Move to space that maximizes area effects

Does the foe have a special ability that affects others, such as an aura? Move to the space that applies this special ability to the most enemies, or allies that have ALREADY acted.

Choose the space that requires the least amount of movement.

If the foe has no such area effect, or no one to affect, move on...

Option #5: Move to a space next to hero in a Dome

Can the foe move next to a Dome containing a hero? If multiple heroes, use the override card. Players break ties.

Once you have chosen the hero, find the nearest uncaptured adventure to that hero. Move the foe to the space that best hinders the hero from reaching that adventure.

If the foe cannot reach an enemy in a Dome, move on...

Option #6: Go to Attack options

Move to the Attack goal section and work through options.

Special Goal Examples

SK 15.jpg

The foes all have a Speed of 5. Highest Stealth (╬) is the override.

SK 12.jpg

Loot is scattered around. One space has 1 gold. One has 1 card. And 3 gold is lying in Blackbeard’s space.

Foe 1 has a minion card. As top priority, it unleashes it as an action. The minion has a Speed of 3 and no ranged weapon. It can reach Boris, and does.

Foe 2 has a once-per-game special ability that gives it +2 Agility (═) until next Free. Because it is about to move next to enemies, the players trigger the special ability under Option 1.

But this is not an action, so the players continue down the options to find Foe 2’s actual action.

Foe 2 finds a job in Option 2, moving to prevent trading. It moves next to as many heroes as possible.

Foe 3 will not attempt Option 2—prevent trading—because all nearby heroes already have a foe next to them. It does find a job in Option 3, moving onto a space containing loot. It can’t reach the 3 gold in Blackbeard’s space, so it chooses the 2-value loot, the card.

Foe 4 can reach the 3-gold space by Slipping Away against Blackbeard. It switches places.

Foe 5 has a range 2 aura that reduces enemy Agility. It will move to one of the spaces marked with a white dot so that all three heroes suffer its aura.

The players break the tie and choose the space next to Boris so he can punch it in the face.

None of the Special goals apply to Foe 6, so it attempts Attack goals. It moves next to Rizzik, who has the highest Stealth.

Foe 7 has no Special goals that apply, and the minion took the only space it could reach to Attack. So it falls all the way through to the Adventure goals, moving into Lith’s Lair.