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Endless Worlds Await

What is Worldspanner?

Worldspanner is a universe for you. Create your own characters, make your own mods, and write your own stories on existing characters or entirely new ones. There's infinite imagination space in the Worldspanner Universe.

"Mr. Murrell's creations are unique, and I mean to use that word. You won't find any experience like Duel of Ages [Factions], or any book series like Dusties. Both are challenging and interesting in such a deep way that it's almost addictive. More, please."

- Jay Kim

"...Wednesday is my hard-core group. We play campaigns like Gloomhaven, dungeon-crawlers, or miniatures. But Duel of Ages II [Factions] is still our favorite. It never gets old. Can't wait for the Factions campaign."

- Mason Ali

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