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Coming 2024

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What is Tragick?

April, 2017. You are recruited by a mysterious organization called Lostlight. They have an important mission requiring extensive training.

But it’s a bit frustrating that they won’t actually tell you the mission…

Worldspanner makes unique games and experiences, and Tragick is the best example. It tests you with the lives and fates of four characters that you will dive deeply into: Lara, Morgan, Kat, and Duke.

Tragick is a unique cooperative game involving a surprising storyline and tactical RPG-style combat. It can handle a single player, or a hundred! While the players are entirely cooperative--there are no traitor players or cross-purpose “selfish goals”--there is friendly competition in choosing the best path.

Tragick has a host of innovations:

A whole new way of choose-your-own game progress that is entirely cooperative, yet has a delicious competitive element that rewards alert and wise players.

A tactical power-set system with a natural min-max potential, and the ability to design and redesign your heroes over time.

One of the most streamlined, simple-yet-potent tactical combat systems in existence.

A deeply engaging story that will grab you from chapter one, where you shape the personality of your heroes over time.

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Let’s briefly step into the life of Morgan, one of your four heroes. He has been approached in a diner by a sharply-dressed woman named Diana.

“Look, Diana, I already have a job. And you don’t just walk away from my employer if you want to stay healthy-”

Diana interrupts. “We completed your job. Your employer wired payment to us. I’m sure you don’t mind.”

I shake my head, not sure what to think. Maybe I’m dreaming.

Her smirk widens slightly. “Would you like to hear my pitch?”


Diana takes a measured breath. “You’ll report to our training center in Louisiana in seven days. Follow the map.”

My phone dings.

“You must arrive at the gate at precisely the time provided.”


“The job involves eight months training and three years service. You’ll receive eighty thousand to show up, eight hundred thousand to complete training, and eight million at completion of mission. Should you fail, full funds will be wired to your beneficiary. Paperwork to be filled out on arrival.”

I have no idea how to react to that. Nobody has a job that takes three years, and nobody pays millions to a mercenary. And eight months training? Get serious.

“You forgot to tell me who you represent,” I say.

She taps the lantern pin on her lapel and speaks softly. “Lostlight. It’s better if you don’t repeat that to others.”