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For an indie game like Worldspanner, the Kickstarter moment is everything. Your support is essential.

Here we go!

At long last, the Worldspanner Factions Kickstarter is here! Mark your calendar for October 24.

For an indie board game company like Worldspanner, the Kickstarter moment is pretty much everything. We have limited access to content creators, general disinterest from most retailers, and even less interest from major distributors.

So, your support on the Kickstarter often makes or breaks the project. The retailers, distributors and content creators are watching the Kickstarter. Success there launches ongoing success. Failure there, and Worldspanner Factions has a much rougher and unlikely road.

So, we ask you, before October 24 comes, tell others. Consider helping out. Ask us how. And when the date is here, support Worldspanner Factions to as great an extent as you can.

And now, here is the information and videos we plan to provide at our Kickstarter. Your comments and suggestions are valued.

What is Factions about?

In the far future, virtual reality takes a leap forward. No longer do you merely enter into the body of your hero avatar. You immerse into their mind as well. You don’t simply look like Annie Oakley. You ARE Annie Oakley when your team enters the Worldspanner Games.

Worldspanner Factions is a unique blend of tactics, resource management, and adventure.

It’s storytelling without reading. Min-maxing without limited combos. Worker placement, but your workers can be eaten. It's an advanced course on strategy and tactics, but you can be terrible at tactics and still enjoy yourself thoroughly.

It’s a contest where a druid, a princess, an alien, and a hundred other heroes team up to make their mark on the world, under your direction.

Factions is both a competitive team game and an epic solo/co-op campaign.

It is also mod heaven, a game system designed to assimilate other universes, other genres, and other characters of your own crafting. And your creations can become canon.

Factions is:

#1 The perfected successor to the Duel of Ages board game series, a 20-year cult favorite and winner of 29 Game of All Time/Year accolades.

#2 A strategy and tactics master class hiding inside a fun adventure game.

#3 A truly ground-breaking AI opponent in co-op and campaign mode.

#4 Four ways to play: Team vs. Team (2-8 players), Campaign and Co-op (1-4 players), and Solo.

#5 Gameplay does not slow down with 5-8 players. 8 players is nearly as fast as 4.

#6 Contains 111 heroes. That’s too many for miniatures. So instead of a $700-$800 closet-filling game that few can afford, you get art by world-class human artists on standees for under $200.

#7 But you can buy miniatures. We have a third-party market.

#8 But there are even more miniatures. Hundreds of thousands of miniatures, because…

#9 This game is absolute MOD HEAVEN. You can bring in any character from any genre, universe, or time period. Using the website Hero Creator, craft a hero, print the card, and they’re in the game. It’s the Borg of moddable games.

#10 That makes Factions the unique Universal Who Would Win In a Fight? game. Anyone from anywhere, all teamed up. You could even do something crazy and unheard of, like have Captain James T. Kirk team up with Abraham Lincoln to fight Genghis Khan.

#11 Comes in three sets: Set 1 is base game, Set 2 doubles content, Set 3 contains the campaign.

Kickstarter advantages:

#1 Save $30 on the three-set series. ($59 per set rather than $69 MSRP).

#2 Every Set 1 purchased comes with an exclusive bonus pack of treasure cards.

#3 Every Set 3 purchased comes with an exclusive bonus pack of hero cards.

#4 A safe, fast Kickstarter. The manufacturing will begin within a few months of the Kickstarter.

#5 Affordable. Under $200 for the series. Designed to be high quality but efficient.

#6 Retailer-friendly. Retailers get a 50% discount from MSRP and the two exclusive bonus packs as above.

#7 No hype-mongering. No email blast zerg rush or rows of exclamation marks or videos of dancing marketers. Enjoy a few meaningful stretch goals that actually focus on the quality and content of the game.

#8 European players: This will be manufactured in Germany. So you get access to it first this time.

#9 The exclusive packs remain exclusive until Factions Set 4 is released in a year, where they will again be available.

Playing the Team Game

Build a beautiful map and split players into two teams.

Recruit a company of heroes from across time, genre, and universe.

Your heroes find favor with the nine faction houses by handling quests, from the humble labors of Green Vale to the rulership of Crown District and the diabolical plans of Dreadmark.

Helpful heroes gain resources like gold, boosts, and equipment. Use these resources to your team’s greatest benefit.

But enemy heroes will be nearby, making life hazardous for your hard-working heroes. They may be armed, they may have nasty pets, or they might be terrifying all on their own.

Playing the Campaign

Take on the role of Coach over a professional team of athletes that compete in the Worldspanner Games in the far future.

Train up a new team of twelve athletes who immerse body and mind into the archetypal heroes of the arena. The new team is called Dropkick, and your employers have great hopes for its success.

But can you as Coach deliver?

Take your team through a branching storyline with major after-effects for every hard decision you must make. You are tested like a coach, managing your relationship with your employers, engaging with each athlete’s personality, upholding team morale and cohesion, all the while trying to survive in the arena against a pile of uglies.

Enjoy a deep progression model where your coaching, your relationships, and the skill of each athlete builds in effectiveness along multiple paths.

And that’s just the start of the five-Act epic that will take you and your athletes far beyond what you expected.


107 playable heroes.

42 brutal campaign foes.

180 useful treasures, each unique.

37 interlocking map pieces.